In 2001, a small group of technology-savvy people from AT&T Labs and Bell Labs came together to create a company that would revolutionize the experience people have with their mobile phones, and thus Kirusa was found.Today, Kirusa is one of the leading Mobile Social Media and Value Added Service providers in the world.With its portfolio of mobile services, Kirusa is helping people in the emerging markets maximize the value they derive from their cell phones. Kirusa is working with more than 30 carriers in Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia, CALA, and Eastern Europe, and services more than 80 million mobile subscribers every


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“Ghana raises celebrities in movies and music. It also breathes sports, especially football and we are happy to work with Kirusa to provide a very relevant and opportune platform for the people to connect with their stars and passions regularly.”
Akeem Kazeem, Glo Mobile Ghana Head of Business

“The Ebola epidemic has taken a huge toll in West Africa. This is our endeavor to spread awareness amongst our countrymen and make Ghana an Ebola- free country. We are delighted to partner with Kirusa, facilitating us to take this initiative to as many people as possible.”
Nana Yaa Afriyie Ofori-Koree, Head of Vodafone Ghana Foundation and Sustainability

“InstaVoice Celeb is a great way to connect with one’s favorite stars, and with InstaVoice Sports, our customers now have an easy access to sports voice bytes on their mobile phones. We are very excited to partner with Kirusa and bring forth these engaging services to our customers in Rwanda.”
Teddy Bhullar, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director

“InstaVoice Sports is a first-of-its-kind service being launched in DR Congo. With the country soaked in football fever around the year, we are looking at the mobile medium aggressively to increase our reach to soccer fans.”
Olivier Ngyala, Senior Manager VAS & Business development, Vodacom DRC

“What we’re building together with Kirusa is a unique experience to bring a common man and a celebrity on the same platform. We are fascinated by InstaVoice Celeb’s ‘tour de force’ in other countries and are delighted to partner with Kirusa to bring similar success to Rwanda.”
Jules Ngoga, CEO, Net Solutions

“We are excited to partner with Kirusa for Celeb and Sports Connect services. These popular services attract customers’ attention and connect them to their favorite stars. While Celeb Connect establishes a more personal bond between celebs and fans, Sports Connect offers exclusive soccer news from popular soccer clubs and coaches in a new way, using voice updates and analysis”.
Adia Sowho, Head of Digital Media, Etisalat Nigeria

“Celebrity Connect is a product tailored to bridge the gap between top celebrities across various sphere of entertainment and their fans that always yearn to hear, feel close and know more about them. This platform therefore adds to the channels through which millions of fans can connect with their celebrities in Nigeria.
Maurice Newa , Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria

“We had applications from California, Ohio and multiple submissions from New York and Pennsylvania for the Mobile Apps Forum, but the selection committee felt that the New Jersey submissions including Kirusa were of the highest standard.”
Maxine Ballen, CEO, NJTC

“For a country keen on football, Sports Connect is an integral service for our subscribers. Moov Togo always seeks ways to better our subscribers’ user experience and this new way of connecting them with their favorite soccer clubs and stars using live voice updates is welcomed”.
Djibril Ouattara, CEO, Moov Togo

“We are delighted to re-launch this contemporary service from Kirusa. We are hopeful that this service will introduce a new way to communicate for our subscribers, and prove to be a beneficial resource.
Shailendra Naidu, Chief Commercial Officer, Uganda Telecom

"InstaVoice is the best consumer app I saw at the (Mobile World Congress) show, and a superior offering for integrated voice and text than anything Google Voice has to offer."
Jon Reed, co-founder, Diginomica