InstaVoice WatchKit App Offers Industry’s Best Voicemail and Missed Call Experience on the Apple Watch

  • See your missed calls on the Apple Watch
  • Play your voicemails from the Apple Watch
  • ‘Finalist’ in NJTC’s ‘Internet of Things’ competition on May 7


New Providence, New Jersey, May 06, 2015: Kirusa, the leader in voice messaging and social media mobile apps in emerging markets, announced today the launch of its InstaVoice® WatchKit App for Apple Watch users.The App enablesusers to receive and manage their Voicemails and Missed Calls on an Apple Watch, extending Kirusa’s popular InstaVoice App functionality to devices worn on the wrist.The WatchKit App is available worldwide as a companion to the InstaVoice app for the iPhone.

The WatchKit App has already been selected as a ‘Finalist’ by the New Jersey Technology Council for the ‘Internet of Things’ competition to be held on May 7, 2015, in Newark, NJ. Thecompetitionwill feature talks and demos from apps that showcase technologies, insights and opportunities around the next frontier of information access.

The WatchKit App acts as an extension of the InstaVoice App installed on the iPhone. In addition to seeing the missed calls and voicemail messages, users can also read text messages and view images from their friends, all on the Apple Watch.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO of Kirusa said, “With the release of the Apple Watch, wearables are on their way to becoming ubiquitous.The InstaVoice WatchKit App comes with a compelling and highly functional user interface, optimized for the smaller form factor of the Apple watch.”

Kirusa’s InstaVoiceapp, available on iOS and Android, is the first and only free app that combines voicemail and missed calls with chatting.InstaVoice’s ability to reply to a voicemail or missed call with a text or voice message, even if the recipient does not have the InstaVoice app, and even with those who do not have a data plan, is incredible and another ‘industry-first’.

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Kirusa is the leader in voice messaging and social media mobile apps that enable mobile subscribers to “Have a Voice!” and share their stories with their family and friends across the globe. Kirusa’s solutions include InstaVoice®, InstaVoice Celeb™ and InstaVoice SportsTM, which are offered in partnership with more than thirty-five mobile carriers in Africa, India, LatAm, and Middle East, as well as via the app stores, and are used monthly by over 80 million mobile users in four continents. Kirusa solutions are built on its patented technology, and it's highly reliable and scalable multimodal and cloud platforms, which process over one billion events a month. Kirusa has been recognized as one of thetop 20 most promising technology companies by Silicon India, and one of thetop 25 emerging technology companies by Smart Techie magazine. The InstaVoice app won first prize at NJTC Mobile Apps Forum, and Informa selected InstaVoice as afinalist for the Best App in Africa. Headquartered in New Jersey and led by an experienced team of wireless telecom executives and technologists, Kirusa has offices in four continents. InstaVoice is a US registered trademark of Kirusa, Inc. For more information, visit:

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