Kirusa's infrastructure is deployed in the carrier's network, and in the cloud. The infrastructure inside the carrier's network interconnects and works together with the cloud infrastructure, to provide a seamless experience to the mobile users, to minimize the deployment times, and to maximize the revenues for the carriers.

Carrier Deployment

The Kirusa Open Multimodal Platform (KOMP) is deployed in the carrier's data center, and integrates with several parts of the carrier's network, including MSC, SMSC, MMSC, IN, and billing systems. Kirusa engineers deploy the KOMP as part of Kirusa's managed services.



Cloud Based Services

Kirusa platforms deployed in the cloud work together with KOMPs deployed in the carrier network, to provide several services such as voice messaging, infotainment, social media, and data analytics.

The cloud services are managed by Kirusa engineers, as part of Kirusa's managed services.



Kirusa currently has infrastructure deployed in more than fifty data centers around the world.

Managed Services

All of Kirusa's products and services are offered as a managed service, where Kirusa takes responsibility for deployment, integration, and operations of the service.  Kirusa business and technical teams work to ensure the business success of the services, while providing the technical support needed to ensure that the services are available 24x7, meeting or exceeding carrier and partner expectations. As part of the managed service offering, Kirusa also drives the service definition, pricing, communication planning, execution, and promotions of the services.

Business Model

Kirusa's product and services are offered on a revenue share model.  Kirusa bears the cost of any infrastructure to be deployed in the carrier network and in the cloud, manages the service, and shares in the revenue generated.