Kirusa’s products and services run on Kirusa Open Multimodal Platform (KOMP). Kirusa Open Multimodal Platform consists of Hey Anita Voice Platform, the  Voice SMS module, Content Delivery module, Subscription Manager, Promotion Manager, and Data Analytic modules. KOMP is deployed in and is integrated with the carrier’s network. The KOMP in the carrier’s network also connects to the Kirusa Cloud Services.



KOMP runs on carrier-grade equipment, is standards compliant, and is built on top of enterprise-class open source software components such as 64-bit Enterprise Linux, 64-bit Java (J2EE). The utilization of open source technology ensures that the carrier is not locked into any proprietary technology standards.



The Kirusa Open Multimodal Platform uses redundant architecture for high availability. Kirusa platform is highly scalable and supports processing of hundreds of millions of calls per month.

KOMP is complaint with most of the industry standards. These include:

  • HTTP v1.1
  • SMPP v3.4
  • SNMP v2, v2c, and v3
  • Voice XML v2.0
  • CCXML v1.0
  • SS7 and ISUP

The Kirusa Open Multimodal Platform provides open APIs for third parties to integrate and offer their mobile services, leveraging from the capabilities of KOMP.