Connecting Celebs to their Fans



InstaVoice Celeb allows mobile users and celebrities to interact and engage with each other. It is a powerful tool to stay connected with notable personalities from all walks of life. In addition to movie and music industries, InstaVoice Celeb includes luminaries from politics, sports, religion and media backgrounds as well. InstaVoice Celeb is available across Africa and Latin America.

Celebrities share their thoughts and emotions over voice messages. These voice messages are delivered instantly to their fans creating a ‘Voice Twitter’ experience. Fans can send messages, including questions to celebrities and get a response. This experience is enriched further through regular contests and campaigns. Through these campaigns, fans get an opportunity to speak to the celebrities, participate in their events and to meet them. They can also get merchandise featuring the celebrities.


  • Celebrities engage with fans via regular updates
  • Listen to messages from their fans and respond to them using a smartphone app, or by calling a number
  • Engage with fans via multiple mediums like updates, events, merchandising and contests


  • Get updates from their favorite celebrities
  • Send messages to celebrities
  • Opportunity to talk to and meet with celebrities
  • Opportunity to participate in events, merchandising and contests using a smartphone app, or by calling a number

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