InstaVoice Channels

Texting is out.. Voicing is in!!!

InstaVoice Channels is Kirusa's Micro Blogging service that allows recording and sharing your voice, uploading text and image posts on Facebook and Twitter!

You can now voice your opinion and share it with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends ensuring high level of interactivity with the combination of Mobile and Social Media. All you have to do is use your phone to dial a number and compose a blog and post it for your followers & friends instantly without having to go online.

InstaVoice Cloud platform is used for rolling-out the following types of Services:-

  • InstaVoice Celeb – Celebrities use the platform to blog for their fans
  • InstaVoice Sports – Content publishers (e.g., use the platform for posting voice updates for their followers
  • InstaVoice for Enterprise - Brands/ Multi-lateral Agencies use the platform for running campaigns with social media integration for their target audience

Users can join the InstaVoice Channels service for free!!

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