Fixed vs. Non-Fixed VoIP: Quickly Learn the Difference

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Fixed vs. Non-Fixed VoIP: Quickly Learn the Difference


We have all used Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP at some point or the other. The VoIP definition covers a group of technologies and phone systems which enable voice calls over the internet.

An affordable alternative to traditional calls, VoIP offers multiple benefits. Some of them are:

  •  It does not require elaborate technical setup, monthly fee and expensive hardware for installation. Exorbitant monthly bills can be avoided.
  • VoIP or internet telephony supports a wide range of features- voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling, auto attendant, etc. It also provides the scope to organize your incoming and outgoing calls effectively.
  • VoIP has good mobility. It does not depend on the physical location or network coverage since calls are transmitted over a broadband connection. It also enables virtual numbers,  which means that they can be accessed using any Internet-enabled device, PC phone, imp phone, pub, etc.

Types of VoIP Calls

There are numerous ways to place a VoIP call. The quality of your experience depends upon which medium you have chosen to make the call. Some of them are:

ATA – The Analog Telephone Adaptor or ATA lets you connect a standard phone to your computer or your Internet connection for use with VoIP.

VoIP Phone Service - They look just like regular phones with a handset, cradle, and buttons. IP phones connect directly to your router and have all the hardware and software necessary right onboard to handle the IP call.

Computer-to-computer - This is an easy and affordable way to use VoIP. You can avoid paying for long-distance calls. Several companies are offering free or very low-cost software that you can use for this type of VoIP. (Source:

Virtual PBX- This is a budget-friendly form of hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that usually only handles inbound calls. A virtual PBX is typically intended for small business VoIP customers with fewer than ten employees and low-volume telephone traffic (Source:

These alternatives serve us differently based on how they have been built. For example, some calls are subject to the limitations of typical computer issues. The VoIP telephone system is dependent on the PCs of various specifications and power. Calls can be affected by processor drain, and quality loss becomes evident. In case your system crashes, the VoIP call comes to a halt. In another case, VoIP is also conducive to viruses and hacking, although VoIP encryption can counter this.

Hence, there are two kinds of VoIP systems- Fixed and Non-Fixed, each with distinct attributes, benefits, and disadvantages.

Fixed VoIP

  • Fixed VoIP is attached to a physical address. Much like traditional numbers, numerous VoIP services require you to have a physical address. It works best for businesses that prefer to have all their contacts tied together and include the correct address and number.
  • Fixed VoIP users have own cables. It lends more authenticity to the number, especially lowering the chance of your number being stolen and in case of an emergency.
  • However, installing a fixed VoIP doesn’t come cheap.Setting up a fixed system needs expensive equipment apart from calling charges. Additionally, you cannot get a number if you are operating outside of the country. There may be extra charges for international calls, which could make communication difficult for some.

Non-Fixed VoIP

  • Non-fixed VoIP is not fixed to a physical address. All you need to provide is an email address and payment option while signing up.
  • Costs may also be easier to control with a one-size-fits-all approach, especially for small and growing businesses that only need simple services.
  • These services are quite flexible and can use them from anyplace. Hence, it is an excellent alternative for international calls.

Based on its voice technology, Kirusa offers a non-fixed VoIP app, specially designed for international travelers to avoid exorbitant roaming rates.

ReachMe also serves the following functions:

Outgoing Calls. Without Cellular Network.

ReachMe enables you to make affordable outgoing calls from the app over data or WiFi. These calls are converted from VoIP to regular GSM calls. The call recipient gets a regular call from your original number. Seamless GSM-VoIP interconnectivity – delivered over data.

Cloud-Powered Visual Voicemail

InstaVoice ReachMe manages your voicemail messages for you. You can listen, forward and delete your voicemail using the app.

Voicemail-to-Text Conversion

Think of all those times when you couldn’t listen to your voicemail message. Like during a meeting or at the movies.

InstaVoice ReachMe uses voicemail transcription to convert your voicemail messages to text messages – so you can read them on-the-go!

Get Calls Even When Unreachable

You can configure InstaVoice ReachMe to forward calls to the app when your phone is unreachable due to the poor network.

Buy Virtual Numbers from 4 Countries!

Now you can buy virtual numbers from US, UK, France, and Canada – directly from the ReachMe app. We call this feature ReachMe Numbers.

Therefore, ReachMe is a multi-purpose solution that supports diverse features and retains the advantages of traditional Telco.

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