How to Work a VoIP Auto-Dialer System?

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How to Work a VoIP Auto-Dialer System?


So far we have become familiar with Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP and discussed its functions, mechanisms, and implications for voice communication.

We already know that VoIP provisions communications services (voice, fax, SMS, voice-messaging) over the public Internet, rather than via the public switched telephone network (Source: Wiki). It converts voice into digital data that are transmitted over the internet.

There are multiple ways to place a VoIP call via ATA (analog telecom adaptor), VoIP phones, PC phones, etc. It is interesting to note that all these methods enable the function of auto-dialing or predictive dialing which is crucial to the system of VoIP. Hence, they are called a VoIP auto-dialer system.

What is VoIP Dialer?

Are you wondering what an auto-dialer is and how it serves internet calls?

According to Technopedia, an autodialer is a software used to dial many numbers from a database automatically. It can be configured to leave messages for people on answering machines, receive recorded responses or dial telephone numbers for an operator.

Thus, the auto-dialing system tells your PC or VoIP phone which numbers to dial and how to respond to different situations (source:

Here's how voice detection works according to howstuffworks:

  1. If nobody picks up the phone for four rings or more, about 25 seconds, then there's an increased likelihood that the call will be answered by a machine.
  2. When the call is answered, the software measures the length of the first words spoken and waits for a pause. If the initial response is a short burst of words (one to three seconds) followed by a pause, then it's a human ("Dr. Johnson's office. How can I help you?")
  3. The software then passes the call to a live operator or plays a pre-recorded message.
  4. The telltale pause that accompanies most telemarketing calls is caused by the time it takes for the software to recognize a human voice and route the call to an available operator.

Sounds convenient, isn’t it? However, would you want to bother with a PC phone, an ATA, a PBX or VoIP telephone in today when most functions are being carried over mobile phones? How about a mobile VoIP or an app?

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Existing Trends for VoIP

The answer to this is a two-way Voice Over Data solutions In USA that interconverts regular GSM, and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls. For example, using Kirusa’s proprietary voice technology, InstaVoice ReachMe enables the user to get free incoming calls and make affordable outgoing calls over data or WiFi – using his/her number. It is an app that incorporates all the functions of an auto-dialer apart from various other features.

The other features include a cloud-powered visual voicemail system that manages voicemail messages. You can also configure ReachMe to forward calls to the app if your phone is out of reach.

Customers can also buy virtual numbers from US, UK, France, and Canada – directly from the ReachMe app. We call this feature ReachMe Numbers.

ReachMe is a multi-purpose VoIP app that offers an excellent alternative to a traditional auto-dialing system that demands complicated installation. It includes the diverse features and advantages of VoIP. Its mobility serves as a brilliant companion for frequent travelers who can effortless make international calls without paying exorbitant prices.


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