Orange Partners With Kirusa to Launch Orange Célébrité in Burkina Faso

  • Orange subscribers in Burkina Faso to have direct access to their favorite celebrities on the Orange Célébrité Platform
  • Regular updates from popular celebs like Aristide Bancé, Souke, Imilo Lechanceux, Daouda, Fleur

Ouagadougou, September 26, 2019: Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, in partnership with Kirusa, a global leader in messaging and voice solutions over data networks, today announced the launch of its Orange Célébrité service in Burkina Faso. An exclusive celebrity-fan engagement service, Orange Célébrité brings celebrities and fans together, intensifying and deepening celebrity-fan interactions by leveraging the power of voice.

Orange Célébrité, running on the Kirusa Channels platform, enables celebrities to share their special moments, tips, motivational messages and updates with their fans in their own voice and through videos every day. The celebrity updates are delivered instantly to the mobile phones of subscribing fans of the mobile operator, who can listen, like and respond to these messages. Orange Célébrité is available to smartphone and non-smartphone users.

With the launch of this service, Orange Burkina Faso subscribers can receive updates from a diverse set of Burkinabe celebrities like Aristide Bancé, Souke, Imilo Lechanceux, Daouda and Fleur. Each celebrity has their own channel which their fans can subscribe to. Subscribing fans also get opportunities to meet their favorite celebrities at various events - over dinner, during their shows, enjoy backstage access as well as participate in contest and games sponsored by the celebrities.

Sharing his enthusiasm, footballer Aristide Bancé said, “Orange Célébrité platform provides a great opportunity to stay connected with fans, and I’m glad to be on the platform. Engaging with my fans is important to me, and this platform enables me to share exclusive and personal content with them.”

“We are happy to announce the launch of Orange Célébrité in Burkina Faso in partnership with Kirusa. The platform provides an opportunity to bridge the gap between fans and celebrities. With our commitment to deliver innovative services to our subscribers, Orange Célébrité is an ideal offering,” said Kondombo Benjamin, Valued Added Service Product Manager, Orange Burkina Faso.

On a similar note, Barinderpal Singh Mumick, VP, Operations at Kirusa said, “We are excited for the launch of Orange Célébrité in Burkina Faso. The platform has been well-embraced by several markets in Africa, and we are hopeful that Orange Célébrité will provide immense value to Orange subscribers in Burkina Faso.”

Orange Célébrité service is currently available to Orange subscribers in Ivory Coast, Senegal, Niger, DRC, Cameroon and Madagascar. More than 1.5 million people are engaging with celebrities via the Orange Célébrité service.



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