Chelsea Football Prodigy Didier Drogba Kicks Off on Kirusa’s InstaVoice Channels Service

Drogba to Share Regular Updates on his Life and Projects with his Fans

New Providence, New Jersey, and Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Wednesday, 28 June 2017: After a record of 23 million fan subscriptions and 350+ celebrity sign-ups across multiple network carriers in Africa and Latin America, Kirusa’s InstaVoice Channels service is introducing ace Footballer prodigy, Didier Yves Drogba Tébily on its InstaVoice Channels Service.

The all-time top scorer and former captain of the Ivory Coast National team, Didier Drogba has joined Kirusa’s InstaVoice Channels service that connects mobile users with their favorite celebs and notable personalities from all walks of life. Drogba, who is Chelsea’s fourth highest goal scorer of all time, while on the InstaVoice Channels Service will leave voice messages for his fans, which they will receive directly on their mobile. His fans can expect to have a ‘voice twitter’ experience and get updates on his latest projects.

Evelyne Masumbuko Founder, Abidjan4you, who coordinated Drogba’s association with Kirusa said: “It gives me immense pleasure to rope in the most celebrated persona in Ivory Coast for Kirusa and enable this experience for Drogba Didier’s fans. I am hoping that we will go a long way in delivering great value to all the stakeholders involved in future as well.”

A delighted Didier Drogba commented, “I would like to congratulate Kirusa for having developed an intuitive platform for public figures to connect better with their fans and patrons. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful forum that lets me share my thoughts and feelings with my fans as well as reciprocate to them.”

“We are overwhelmed that InstaVoice Channels will now host the much revered and idolized two-time African Footballer of the Year, Drogba Didier,” commented Vice President of Operations at Kirusa, Barinderpal Singh Mumick.

He further said, “Not only is Didier an ace footballer, but also peace and goodwill ambassador for his country. His involvement in the peace process has led to him being named as one of the world's 100 most influential people by Time magazine for 2010. His charitable work has made him a venerated personality in Africa, and it is gratifying to see him leverage the InstaVoice Channels platform to connect with his fans across the country.”

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