Call Completion

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InstaVoice is a unique cloud-based, call completion service that enables users to get voicemails, missed call alerts, and notification of reachability. Smartphone users also get the award winning InstaVoice app to manage voicemail and receive missed call alerts over an elegant, visual interface. It seamlessly integrates with the mobile carrier’s existing infrastructure to deliver reliable voicemail and missed call alert solutions over data, powered by the cloud.

Effortlessly Manage your Voicemail & Missed Calls

The InstaVoice app is an intuitive visual voicemail app with a user-friendly interface that notifies the user whenever they miss a call, over data. For feature phone users, InstaVoice delivers the missed call, voicemail, and reachability notifications, via SMS.

A Unique Hybrid-OTT approach

Carrier can quickly roll out a cloud-powered voicemail, missed call, and notification of reachability service to their subscribers, in a short span of time by integrating InstaVoice. Using InstaVoice’s hybrid-OTT approach, carriers can deliver services from the cloud over data, as well as over their telecom networks.

Seamless Performance across all Devices

Subscribers can get missed calls, voicemails, and notification of reachabliity from anyone, and send/receive voice messages to both InstaVoice app (smartphone) users and non-app (feature-phone) users. The service’s unique device independent feature enables it to work on both feature phones and smartphones across all carriers.

Convert Voicemails into Texts and Withdraw

Using transcription, InstaVoice can convert voicemail to text, enabling the user to read the voicemail message at a convenient time and place. Kirusa’s patented technology allows users to withdraw any sent voicemail or unintended message, irrespective of the time sent.

Patented Fair Charging Technology

In an industry first, Kirusa has patented a technique through which the voicemail functionality does not charge users unless the subscribers leave a message.

This has led to adoption of InstaVoice even in markets where voicemail has not been successful.

Experience the App on Alexa

InstaVoice is available on Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Dot and Amazon Echo. Users can directly access InstaVoice’s Voicemail features as part of Alexa’s multiple skill sets.