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InstaVoice Cloud Call Completion Service

InstaVoice is a unique cloud-based, call completion app that enables users to manage voicemail and receive missed call alerts over an elegant, visual interface. It seamlessly integrates with the mobile carrier’s existing infrastructure to deliver reliable voicemail and missed call alert solutions over data, powered by the cloud.

Effortlessly Manage your Voicemail & Missed Calls

InstaVoice is an intuitive visual voicemail app with a user-friendly interface that notifies the user whenever they miss a call, over data. For feature phone users, InstaVoice delivers the missed call notifications via SMS from anybody who has the app installed. InstaVoice sends the user missed call and voicemail notifications if their number is busy, out of coverage or switched off. Users can also send texts, images, and Voice SMS to those who do not have the app installed.

Seamless Interface for all Your Numbers and Devices

InstaVoice offers an incredibly seamless platform, wherein users can link multiple local and international SIMs, and access voicemails and missed calls from all numbers in a single app. They can also connect email accounts with the app and receive regular notifications via email. Users have the advantage of accessing all alerts and chats from multiple devices like iPad, Windows Phone, smartwatch, etc., for all numbers. A single InstaVoice account is sufficient to avail these features.

Convert Voicemails into Texts and Withdraw

Using transcription, InstaVoice can convert voicemail to text, enabling the user to read the voicemail message at a convenient time and place. Users may also withdraw any sent voicemail or unintended message, irrespective of the time sent.

Experience the App on Alexa

InstaVoice is available on Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Dot and Amazon Echo. Users can directly access InstaVoice’s Voicemail features as part of Alexa’s multiple skill sets. To conclude, the InstaVoice app is a highly versatile medium that can be conveniently availed to overcome the challenge of incomplete calls while making the most of voice-over-data.

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