Rich Media Bots

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Rich Media Bots enable Brands and Enterprises to reach users and customers on popular Messaging apps (such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, and native Messaging Apps with support for RCS including Android Messages Samsung Messages) and communicate with them in a manner that offers richer customer experience and ease of use. Brands can build and own rich media bots that can work seamlessly on all these Business Messaging platforms as a standalone solution or as part of an omnichannel campaign encompassing multiple IP messaging platforms, SMS and Voice.

The Rich Media Chat Bots offered on Kirusa Konnect Platform enable two-way communication with users in a Rich & Contextualized environment. The conversation is interactive giving the users a human-like interaction. Our Chat Bots supports rich media such as images and PDFs to enhance the user- experience. Konnect’s robust infrastructure ensures on-the-fly generation of customized PDFs, images making the experience personalized for each user.

Konnect platform provides the Chat bot with integrations with NLP as well as AI/ML engines. The Self Care Bot handles the request, resolves the request, understands its intent. Based on the intent of the user, the Chat Bot communicates with the Business Logic Application of the Enterprise to take necessary action, such as fetching information or executing a command. The results of the action are passed back to the user.

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