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InstaVoice ReachMe - Cloud Telephony

InstaVoice® ReachMe™ is a disruptive hybrid-OTT app designed for the data era that allows users to access telecom services like calling and SMS, over WiFi or data, without depending on network coverage.

SIM-less Telephony over Cloud

InstaVoice ReachMe breaks the traditional limitations of telecommunication such as physical SIM cards and exorbitant roaming charges. Using its unique hybrid-OTT design, ReachMe enables users to make and receive voice calls and SMS over data - all via their regular phone number.. The recipient of the call receives a regular voice call or SMS. [ISM1]

Goodbye Exorbitant Roaming Costs

InstaVoice ReachMe is highly convenient for international travelers, enabling them to make and receive voice calls over data, at a fraction of conventional roaming costs. Internet is everywhere - coffee shops, public transport stations, hotels. With communication over data becoming the norm, ReachMe allows carriers to re-insert roaming packages in their subscribers' consideration set, as they look for affordable communication solutions while travelling.

Win-Win for Telecom Carriers

InstaVoice ReachMe uses a distinct hybrid-OTT approach, enabling mobile operators to capture the ‘otherwise missed revenue’ from the calling party. It offers an innovative branding opportunity to carriers by enabling them to offer InstaVoice Reach as their own carrier co-branded ReachMe app. The operator’s brand logo and theme give ReachMe a customized look, providing a user experience unique to the operator, thereby increasing brand loyalty.

To learn more, visit the InstaVoice ReachMe website.