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SMS is the de facto protocol in enterprise communication. Kirusa Konnect, an omnichannel messaging platform, allows seamless enterprise conversations over native mobile channels. A2P and P2A SMS, short codes, sender masks, SIM-Push, the possibilities are endless. By leveraging the Konnect SMS APIs, enterprises can reach more customers. With faster delivery and advanced customization, Kirusa Konnect helps create robust campaigns with a stellar finish!

P2A SMS: A non-intrusive messaging tool, for your audience, to make a request, express interest, subscribe or retrieve specific information, by sending an SMS. The number, SMS format, and confirmation SMS response are entirely configurable.

A2P SMS: Broadcast transactional and informational messages instantly to your audience, delivered over SMS channel. Add a missed call number in your SMS and enable audience to flash-a-call to gather more information.

Smart Push: An interactive, push-based marketing tool designed to run engaging campaigns that lead to high conversions. Send push notifications that pop up on mobile devices, with which the audience can directly interact with your messages.