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Leverage the power of voice in the context of enterprise communication over mobile with Kirusa Konnect voice tools.

SnapCall: A P2A voice communication tool that allows your audience to flash a number to register as a lead, retrieve a predefined content, vote, or make a social pledge. SnapCall puts the power of engagement in the hands of your audience, offering a simple and effortless mode of communication.

IVR: A guided voice tool, for your audience to dial into a number and navigate pre-recorded voice content, as well as record content. A great feedback mechanism that will help you monitor and analyse inputs qualitatively.

Voice SMS: Share pre-recorded voice messages to your audience via SMS, that can be retrieved by them at any time of convenience. Leverage the power of voice, but riding on the ubiquitousness of SMS.

Outbound Dialer (OBD): OBD enables you to deliver priority messages, such as appointment reminders, alerts, public service announcements, election announcements, etc to your audience by making a robocalls. Audience receive calls at a predefined time, which when picked, play out a voice message. You can further personalize your communication by sending a confirmation SMS for successful calls, or a Voice SMS to those who missed the call.