Voicemail is regarded the pinnacle of call completion solutions in the 21st century. It enabled people to leave a message in their own voice, in the event of an unconnected call. The voicemail recipient could simply dial the voicemail inbox number, and listen to their voicemail messages at any time.

However, early voicemail systems incurred high infrastructural overhead and expenses to the mobile operators. Kirusa saw an opportunity, and set out to change the way voicemail implemented.

Kirusa saw an opportunity and set out to change the way voicemail implemented. In its course, Kirusa pioneered the early voicemail solutions with multiple patented technologies. The result was a robust, scalable voicemail system enabled people to directly send a voicemail by simply dialing start following by the mobile number. Today, that technology is known as "Voice SMS".

Fast-forward to the cloud era, Kirusa’s relentless pursuit of voice technologies enabled it to transform the voicemail experience, and deliver it over the cloud - facilitating seamless integration with mobile operators across emerging and developed markets.

Voicemail added a personal touch to mobile communication, by including the element of ‘voice’ in messaging. Kirusa set out on the mission to enrich this experience. 100 billion calls later, with a combined base of 100 million monthly active users, Kirusa is at the forefront of the next generation of voice technologies and their applications, delivered over the cloud.