Making it Easier to Connect despite no Mobile Network

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It is nine-thirty in the morning, and Rashid is waiting to board his next flight for a meeting. The two-hour-long layover allows him to revise a presentation he has made for the client. Halfway through refining the slides, a notification distracts him. It is an urgent email from the client. Rashid is surprised to find that today’s meeting requires him to present a customer analysis data. The client’s CEO, an avid data fan, has arrived unannounced and will be joining the meeting.

With a rising feeling of panic, Rashid immediately grabs his phone and dials the number of his trusted data geek Jay. Unfortunately, the call does not get through. An auto attendant tells him that Jay’s mobile is switched off and asks to leave a voicemail. Meanwhile, Jay is in his basement office where good network coverage is hard to come by. The WiFi is also slow today, and he is working on an email. After ten minutes of struggle, he is able to send the email finally.

With the network and WiFi stable again, Jay immediately receives several notifications on InstaVoice, a call completion app. There are five missed call alerts from Rashid. Assuming it won’t be anything short of an emergency, he decides to call back.

Jay has absolutely no idea regarding the itinerary and whether Rashid would either be flying or at an airport at this point. Nonetheless, he picks up the phone and calls.

Rashid is leaning against a counter at the Airport. Although the airport has free WiFi, he is not sure if Jay would have the time to read his messages. Rashid begins to pace. Only one hour before the plane departs. He hears his phone ring and sees Jay’s number flashing across his mobile screen.

He takes the call and explains the entire situation. Jay assures him, saying that the data will reach him before he lands in New York. Before hanging up, Rashid asks how he managed to get the missed call despite having his phone switched off. Jay tells him that he was carrying a different SIM today, despite which, InstaVoice enabled call forwarding and notified him of the missed calls.

InstaVoice lets Jay link up multiple numbers, and he can receive unlimited missed call and voicemail notifications for each one of them. The app works over data, therefore as long as Jay is connected to the internet, all notifications would come in irrespective of network availability. Rashid is impressed and decides to install and keep the app for good to avoid risking missed calls and messages in the future.

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